In the Boxing Ring

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Please maintain

6' of Social Distance at all times.

CDC Recommendations

The City of Grove and Midway Sports and Entertainment requires each guest to RSVP to the event and agree to a hold harmless waiver.

In consideration for my being allowed to participate in boxing activities at

the Grove Covic Center, I hereby acknowledge that

such activities (and the gathering of people in public generally) include many risks, known

and unknown, and that I hereby accept and assume all risks associated with such activity. I

further agree to hold Midway Sports and Entertainment, its member, affiliates, agents, LBCs, directors, employees,

volunteers, and other persons associated with Midway Sports and Entertainment harmless from and release them

of any liability whatsoever for any and all claims, demands, damages and causes of action of

any nature whatsoever related to my participation in those activities.

By clicking on the RSVP button guest automatically agree to the Hold Harmless waiver.


Upcoming Events

  • Boxing Is Back!
    Membership Offer
    Sat, Jun 27
    Grove Civic Center
    Get ready for a Grand Night of excitement! Professional Boxing will be coming to Grove, Oklahoma June 27th. Tickets may be purchased Online or from a Kiosk Outside the Grove Civic Center. We ask all boxing fans to adhere to CDC recommendations for social distancing when entering the building.